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Pray for Whom?
WLC #183This week we discuss who we should—and should not—pray for.

What Prayer Is
Keach #109This week, we delve deeper into the nature of prayer.

What Prayer Is Not
Keach #109This week, we begin looking at Keach's Catechism on prayer.

Worthy Receiving
This week, we continue discussing Holy Communion, focusing on how we are to receive.

Just as Bread and Drink
This week, we begin our discussion of Holy Communion.

Why Now Do You Wait?
This week, we discuss baptism as a command, not a recommendation.

Rendered Invalid?
This week, we discuss the modes and the proper subjects of baptism.

Sign & Seal
This week, we look at baptism as a means of grace, which communicates the benefits of redemption.

This week, Pastor Zach tries to convince Baptists to use the “S-word.”

Outward, Ordinary Means
This week, we begin talking about the outward means of the benefits of redemption

Application and Uses
Question 70This week, we discuss public and private confession, forgiving ourselves, and whether we should repent of what we are.

To Lay Hold and Press On
Question 70This week, we continue discussing repentance to life and a true sense of sin

Cut to the Heart
Question 70This week we begin talking about true repentance, throwing our beads into the fire.

Four Types of Faith
Question 69This week, we talk about the four types of faith.

Providential Timing x 2
This week, we talk about both the wages of sin and the gift of God.

  Upright, Blameless,
and Sinful  

Questions 66This week, we tackle the question of whether all sins are equally grievous.

Mere Man, After the Fall
Question 65This week, we continue to discuss whether we are able to keep the law.

Avarice and Discontent
This week, we discuss the tenth commandment.

Augustine’s Table
Question 62This week, in a truncated class, we finish our treatment of the ninth commandment by talking about gossip.

The Old Self & the Old Father
This week, we begin our look at the Ninth Commandment.

Dead Ostrich & the
Case of the Missing Fuzz Pedal

Question 60This week, we finish our discussion of the eighth commandment and John Flavel keeps asking, “Yeah, but what ELSE is required?”

Loopholes & Spotted Sheep
Question 60This week, we continue to explore the implications of the eighth commandment on the lives of Christians.

The Law and the Heart
This week we finish up the 7th commandment (applied in thought, word, and deed) and begin discussing the 8th.

Adultery and Chastity
This week we begin our discussion of the 7th commandment, and talk about several aspects of adultery (down to movie houses and dance halls).

The Law and the Heart
Question 55This week, we finish the 6th commandment (after a year interlude) and re-center on Jesus' teaching about the Law and the Gospel.

Just War
Question 56This week, we explore Just War Theory and its bearing on the sixth commandment. Also, it sounds like the Predator (who, for the record, never struggles with the sixth commandment) is teaching the lesson because of some technical difficulties.

Biblial Pacifism?
Question 56This week, we start getting in the weeds with the sixth commandment, discussing whether self-defense or defending others is permitted for Christians.

Kill or Murder?
Question 55This week, we look at the content of the sixth commandment.

A Disgrace to You and a Pest to Society
This week, we dig deeper into the implications of the fifth commandment

This Is Heavy
This week, we finish up the fourth commandment and begin our discussion of what it means to honor one’s father and mother.

A Christian Sabbath?
This week, we look at the role of the fourth commandment in the Church.

One in Seven
This week, we begin our discussion of the fourth commandment, regarding the Sabbath day.

  The Face of Jesus  Question 46These two weeks, we watched the documentary, The Face of Jesus in Art

Flip Christians
Question 48This week, we briefly drill deeper into our discussion of the third commandment before starting a documentary.

The Holy Name
Questions 47This week, we look begin looking at the third commandment regarding taking the Lord's Name in vain.

A Regulative Principle?
Question 46This week, we discuss whether God forbids us from worshiping in any way that is not expressly commanded in his Word.

"Convinced of His Folly"
Questions 44 & 45This week, we begin discussing the meaning of the second commandment and the sin of idolatry.

Seal Beach Kid
Question 43This week, we look at the use of the Law in evangelism and further discuss the practical living out of the first commandment.

Withered Leaf or Lush Garden?
Questions 42 & 43This week, we begin looking at the first commandment.

Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength
Question 41This week, we continue discussing the content and use of the Law.

8 Rules, 10 Laws
Question 41This week, we look at rules for interpretation and the sum of the Law

Law vs. Grace?
Question 40This week, we continue looking at the uses of the law, for believers and unbelievers.

Covenants, Old and New
Question 41This week, we talk about the covenant made at Sinai, as we prepare to dive deep into the Ten Commandments.

A Horrible, Terrible God?
Questions 38 & 39This week, we talk about the fate of those who reject the Gospel, at the day of judgment and beyond.

Question 37This week, we look deeper at the resurrection of the saints on the Last Day.

  Luther Movie  N/AThese two weeks, we watched the documentary, Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer.

Questions 36 & 37This week, we move on to the benefits of our salvation received at the Resurrection

Question 36This week, we look at the blessings that believers receive at death.

Peace, Joy, Grace
Question 35This week, we look at the remaining benefits accompanying our salvation in this life.

O What a Foretaste
Question 35This week, we talk more about the blessed assurance that accompanies and flows out of our salvation.

Peace and Assurance
Questions 34 & 35This week, we continue discussing the ongoing war that is sanctification and then move into the benefits of justification, adoption, and sanctification.

Questions 33 & 34This week, we finish discussing adoption and begin our discussion of sanctification, our becoming holy in our lives and conduct.

Abba Father
Question 33This week, we look at the second benefit of the effectual call: our adoption as sons and daughters

Questions 31 & 32This week, we look at the first of the fruits of God's effectual call: our justification

Affect vs. Effect
Questions 30This week, we look at the effectual calling, by which the Spirit regenerates us.

The Spirit
Working Faith

Question 29This week, we discuss the working of the Spirit in the sinner’s heart.

The Holy Spirit
& Redemption

Question 28This week, we look at the role of the Holy Spirit in applying redemption to us.


Questions 26-28This week, we discuss Christ's humiliation and exaltation and how his redemption is applied to us.

  5/5/2019  King of KingsQuestion 25This week, we discuss Christ as our king, conquering, ruling, and protecting us.

  4/14/2019  A Priest ForeverQuestion 24This week we discuss Christ our eternal High Priest.

  4/7/2019  Face to FaceQuestion 23This week, we look at Christ as the greatest Prophet and briefly discuss the idea of prophets today.

  3/31/2019  Prophet, Priest
& King
Question 22This week, we look at the offices that Jesus executes in redeeming us.

  3/24/2019  The Savior,
Body & Soul
Question 21This week, we look at the Incarnation of Jesus Christ and wrestle with the question, Did Jesus have faith?

  3/17/2019    The Redeemer  
  of God’s Elect  
Question 20This week, we look at the doctrine of the incarnation and a number of Christological heresies.

  3/10/2019    Sin, Misery,  
  & Redemption  
Questions 16-19This week, we make our way through several questions involving sin and redemption.

  3/03/2019    Original Sin  Question 15This week we look at the doctrine of original sin and why it matters.

  2/24/2019    What Is Sin?  Question 14This week, we look at sins of thought, word, deed, omission, and commission.

  2/17/2019    Covenant of Life  Questions 12 & 13This week, we look at the first covenant between God and man.

  2/10/2019    Governing &
Question 11This week, we look at God's governing and preserving providence and begin a discussion of covenants.

  2/03/2019    Humans &
Question 10This week, we address question 10 about the creation of mankind and begin a look at God's providence.

  Is Genesis History?  Question 9These two weeks, we watched the documentary, Is Genesis History?

  1/13/2019    Normal, Consecutive?  Question 9This week, we continue exploring one approach to the biblical creation narrative.

  12/30/2018    Works of Creation  Question 9This week, we explore several different theories of creation.

  12/23/2018    Works of Providence  Question 8This week, we looked at God’s sovereignty and providence.

  12/16/2018    God’s Eternal Decree  Question 7This week, we talk about God's eternal decree and how it relates to human will.

  12/9/2018    The Trinity  Questions 5 & 6This week, we look at the doctrine of the Trinity and discuss trinitarian heresies.

  12/2/2018    Errors About God  Question 4This week, we look at several categories of error that people have fallen into while trying to understand God.

  11/25/2018    A Beautiful Tapestry  Question 4This week, we follow a few threads in the beautiful, interwoven tapestry of God’s perfections.

  11/18/2018    What Is God?  Question 4This week, we dive deep into the discussion of God's perfections.

  11/11/2018    The Scriptures &  
the One True God
Questions 3 & 4We finish up question 3 about what the Scriptures teach and begin wrestling with the biggest question of all: What is God?

  11/04/2018    Law and GospelQuestion 3This week, we begin our look at question 3, "What do the Scriptures principally teach?"

  10/31/2018    The Christian CanonQuestion 2This week, I conclude the discussion of Question 2, dealing with the issue of the canon of Scipture.

  10/21/2018    God’s WordQuestion 2We continue our discussion of what makes God’s Word God’s Word.

  10/14/2018    Glorify & EnjoyQuestions 1 & 2This week, we finished up our discussion of question 1 and began our look at question (What rule has God given to direct us how we may glorify him?)

  10/7/2018    Our Chief EndQuestion 1This week, we began exploring the first question of the catechism.

  9/30/2018    IntroductionN/AThis week, we answer the question, “What are creeds, confessions, and catechisms?”









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